for Beaver Builder by Beaver Addons

A completely unofficial demo where you can export the templates.

Includes: The Beaver Builder Theme and Plugin. Plus ACF Pro to test "field connectors".



David Waumsley
Chap who makes websites


This is a "work in progress" and goes with videos over at davidwaumley.com and YouTube.

The demo was originally made for a colleague to try out PowerPack as consideration for future client packages... but thought you may find it useful too.

I use affiliate links, but expect most visitors will be PowerPack users already. If not and you buy from my links -  thank you. Earnings will go into making more community stuff... when, of course, I tire of all the wine, women and song 😉


PowerPack by IdeaBox Creation was launched in June 2016 and was an instant success. In recent polls on the Beaver Builder Facebook group it was voted the favourite 3rd party addon for Beaver Builders. Presently it has 35  Custom Modules and 120 Templates .

I'm always cautious with plugins from new sellers... But PowerPack has exceeded my expectations with great innovation and support.  I will cover reliability and practical usefulness in my videos.